Keeping Your Teeth White Between Dental Visits

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Keeping Your Teeth White Between Dental Visits

Taking care of your teeth might seem mundane, but without enough attention, those pearly whites of yours can easily turn tinged and stained. Sure, having your teeth cleaned every few months at your dentist's office is a great start to maintaining a beautiful smile, but it isn't enough to keep each tooth pearly white on an ongoing basis. Now, don't get me wrong – you don't have to spend an arm and a leg on professional maintenance in order to get the results you want. You can use a variety of methods at home, like creating your own whitening mouthwash, that can help to keep you teeth white between dentist visits. Hopefully, the tips and techniques offered on this blog is enough to get you the results that you're after.

Four Reasons Invisible Braces Are Popular With Adults

If you are an adult that needed braces as a child, but feel as if you are too old to get them as an adult, you should know about the latest technology in braces. Adults, who would not consider using traditional metal braces, are choosing to use invisible braces to straighten their teeth. The following are five reasons this new technology is growing in popularity among adults.

They are more comfortable

Traditional braces have a reputation for being uncomfortable. This usually takes the form of a soreness that can last a couple of hours, but is can last a couple of days. Patients experience this when the braces are first installed or being adjusted. Invisible braces cause little discomfort because they are custom made to fit your mouth.

They are easier to adjust

With traditional braces, adjustments are necessary. Rubber bands must be replaced as they wear out, and the wires of the braces must be tightened. This tightening process must be done every few weeks in order to get the best results from traditional braces. Invisible braces are custom made for your mouth. Using computer imaging, a new tray is built for your mouth. Every few weeks, you will need to trade in your older trays for ones that are slightly tighter. You will be able to put them in yourself. As an adult, this saves time and makes invisible braces an easier fit in your life.

It is easy to keep your teeth clean

Traditional braces can be time consuming when brushing and flossing your teeth. Invisible braces are a single piece that fits in the top or bottom of your mouth. It is simply a matter of removing this tray, then cleaning your teeth. When you are done, you simply slip them on and push them into place.

They will help build your self-confidence

By getting the braces you need, your teeth will begin to straighten, giving you a better smile that you and others will notice. This will help build your self-confidence as any embarrassment you have from crooked teeth begins to fade away.

For more information, your local general dentistry office will be able to help you decide if this technology is right for you. He or she will be able to answer all of the questions you may have about how invisible braces relate to your teeth. You can call for an appointment for a consultation about the possibilities for you.