Keeping Your Teeth White Between Dental Visits

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Keeping Your Teeth White Between Dental Visits

Taking care of your teeth might seem mundane, but without enough attention, those pearly whites of yours can easily turn tinged and stained. Sure, having your teeth cleaned every few months at your dentist's office is a great start to maintaining a beautiful smile, but it isn't enough to keep each tooth pearly white on an ongoing basis. Now, don't get me wrong – you don't have to spend an arm and a leg on professional maintenance in order to get the results you want. You can use a variety of methods at home, like creating your own whitening mouthwash, that can help to keep you teeth white between dentist visits. Hopefully, the tips and techniques offered on this blog is enough to get you the results that you're after.

How To Work On Your Wedding Day Smile

If you are getting married soon, one thing you may be thinking about is improving your smile. Your wedding will be remembered for decades through your photographs and video, so naturally you will want to have bright, gleaming teeth. The following are some ways you can get a whiter smile just in time for your big day:

Whitening Strips

One way to get whiter teeth is to use whitening strips. This is one of the least expensive whitening options that can have an optimal outcome. They are found in most any store where oral hygiene items are sold. Depending on the brand and type of strip you choose to use, you can have a whiter smile in as little as an hour. Keep in mind that you will likely have to retreat your teeth several times until you get the brightness you want.

Professional Whitening Treatment

Another option is to have your teeth whitened at your dental office using professional level whitening products. This is a more expensive option but it typically yields almost immediate results. You can expect to be at the office for a few hours before the treatment is complete. You may also need more than one session before you achieve your desired result. This is a great option if you want your teeth whitening to last longer than what whitening strips can provide. However, you will have to have the treatment done regularly if you want to maintain the lighter shade on your teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

If your teeth need extensive work in order to be wedding day ready, you may want to invest in porcelain veneers. Veneers are going to be the most expensive option, but they can have the best effect. This is an ideal option if you not only want whiter teeth but also teeth straightening as well. The benefit of veneers is that they can last for decades, not just until after your wedding day. You will need to make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist to see if you are a good candidate for veneers.

Getting ready for your wedding is one of the most memorable times in your life. However, it is important that you plan your teeth whitening well in advance of your wedding day. If you want to have a professional treatment, be sure to call your dentist as soon as possible. This will allow you to have plenty of time to get your smile just where you want it for your big day. For more information, contact a business such as Leidenheimer Dental Group Inc.